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    Breathing New Life in to Dorset’s food and drink scene
    Founder James Fowler (2014 World Class UK Bartender of the year) and his highly skilled & dedicated team are breathing a refreshing and much needed, new life into East Dorset’s food and drink scene. Infused with traditions of bygone eras and through continuous researching into the greatest foods from around the U.K & Europe, The Larder House is rapidly winning the hearts of the countries foodie elite and local residents.


    A Unique Experience & Atmosphere like no other.
    The wood fired oven is at the core of the restaurant & bar, but what’s most inspiring is the seamless synergy between the kitchen and front of house.

    The enthusiasm is abundant and the research that goes into their offering is intriguing. This ensures that everything you order has a story to tell, be it their range of unordinary back bar spirits or the range of charcuterie & cheeses that they showcase.

    The Larder House is playful, accessible and carries a buzz in the air that is difficult to describe. What’s important though, is that it gives you the feeling you have stumbled upon something very special, almost secret.

    PassionAND Love

    We Don't Just Live it, We love it
    It’s a project for us where we really do serve pure passion. We pay homage to the origins of true food whether local or from around Europe. Beyond what we offer now is a lot of learning where we are pushing ourselves to be ambassadors to the foods and drink that we all personally love to enjoy.


    How it started & Evolved
    The Larder House opened its doors back in January 2011 and will continually evolve by discovering new products and creating its unique portfolio of offerings. As a customer you will really see the restaurant & team grow & specialise.

    Especially when you attend one of their showcase nights whereby the team give a unique food & libation pairing event covering all aspects and flavours of the chosen product. Previous showcase nights have shown expertise in Sherry wines, Offal, Port, Absinthe, Single Malt Whisky & Gin.